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The Santa Pod quarter mile is the best known Drag Racing facility in Europe, and the state of the art equipment means that you will have an absolutely accurate record of each of your performances on the track. Accurate to 1/1000th of a second. Hundreds of vehicles run on the track over the course of the day, so to level the playing field somewhat, classes are organised into engine size rather than by model, with trophies for the quickest vehicle in each class. You will have to pay a signing on fee which is in addition to your entrance fee, and determined by Santa Pod Raceway. Currently this is £25 for the complete freedom to run your car on the track for the entire day. Often we find that vehicles can make in excess of 10 runs in that time, and still manage to enjoy the rest of the show, but the number of runs is of course affected by oil-downs, or other stoppages. It is a completely addictive experience, so be careful. You could end up as a full on 'drag racer'.

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VAgfest drags

VAgfest drags

The Quarter Mile Sprint Trophies

Class A • 1400cc & Below Stock or Modified
Class B • 1401cc - 1600cc Stock or Modified
Class C • 1601cc - 1800cc Stock or Modified
Class D • 1801cc & Above Stock or Modified
Class E • Aircooled VW
Quickest VW (overall)
Quickest Van (overall)
Quickest Audi (overall)
Quickest Skoda (overall)
Quickest SEAT (overall)
Quickest Diesel (overall)
Quickest Lady (overall)